Natural History – the heart and soul of Ecology.

The Natural History Section was established in 2010 to promote the value, improve the practice, grow the community and increase the application of natural history within and beyond the discipline of Ecology. Our objectives include encouraging the practice and integration of natural history in ecological research and education from preschool to continuing adult education; sponsoring meetings, awards, and publications that embrace and promote natural history; and broadening participation in the section to include academics and non-academics alike.


We are currently waiting for ESA website changes to take effect in order to host our website through ESA, so stay tuned for our new site in late 2018. In the meantime, check out our Fall 2018 Letter to Members and stay up to date on ESA Natural History Section news and events on social media through Twitter or Facebook.


Current Officers (2018 – 2020)

Chair:  Tom Fleischner, Executive Director, The Natural History Institute

Vice-Chair: Louise Weber, Professor, Chair of Biology Department and Environmental Science, University of St. Francis

Secretary: Andrea Adams, Research Associate, University of California, Santa Barbara Sedgwick Reserve