Natural History Student Award

Jeremy listening to frogs call.

Jeremy listening to frogs call.

We are pleased to announce the recipient of our Natural History Student Award is Jeremy Feinberg, a doctoral candidate of Rutgers University. His poster “A tale of two species: recent discovery of a cryptic leopard frog species from the New York City region”, presented emergent natural history findings from careful field observations. A keen ear for frog calls alerted Jeremy to the presence of a new species of leopard frog, in a metropolitan park (see abstract below). Jeremy will receive a cash award of $300 in celebration of his practice of Natural History and how he has used this skill to further ecological knowledge. To HEAR more about some of Jeremy’s work, listen to a broadcast on NPR that aired only a couple of days ago!

We would like to give make two honorable mentions:

Mariana in her element.

Mariana in her element.

Mariana Abarca, doctoral candidate of George Washington University. She is doing some amazing natural history in support of her work on how eastern tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americanum) will respond to climate change.

Brian Cheng, doctoral candidate of UC Davis. He is working in the estuarine shores of Tomales Bay. His presentation described the cascading effects of biotic resistance and the creation of invasive predator free space. Hours of observations of intertidal creatures such as rock crabs (Cancer antennarius and C. productus) and invasive eastern oyster drills (Urosalpinx cinerea), have given insights on how the loss of native predators affect ecosystems.


A female invasive eastern oyster drill (Urosalpinx cinerea) preys upon native Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida). Females also lay yellow urn shaped egg capsules in oyster habitat.

We had many outstanding entrants for the Natural History Student Award.

Thank you for participating and showcasing your work. And thank you to the Judges!


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