#ESA2014 is here!

IImportant information about this year’s meeting:

we are on Twitter – @esanathist, use hashtags #nathist and #esa2014, visit the Natural History Section booth & mixer; support our student awards applicants by attending their presentations!
**Also, check out Noam Ross’s blog on “natural history” in ESA abstracts. Super cool to think about how this has changed over the pas 100 years.

We need a few more folks to volunteer at out booth.  Please check out the  doodle poll to see when you can help out.

Below is a list of Natural History relevant activities.

Sunday Aug. 9th

Fieldtrip to Lake Tahoe  FT 7Lake Tahoe: Exploration of Challenges and Solutions to Protect One of the Gems of the Sierra Nevada

Monday Aug. 10th

10:30 – 12:30 Natural History Booth –  REED NOSS will be fielding questions about the Natural History of the Southern Grasslands!

4:30 – 6: 30 Natural History Booth – NASH TURLEY & MARIANA ABARCA will be in the house!

Stop by the booth, start bidding on books, read about our student award applicants, check out some local insects!

Tuesday Aug. 11th

10:30am  Nat Hist Student award applicant COS 18-8 Hiromi Uno

10:30 -4:40pm Natural History Booth – HALDRE RODGERS will be answering questions about impacts of loosing birds in an ecosystem and can fill your ears with Natural History of the Marianna Islands


2:30 – 4:30pm Natural History Booth – STELLA COUSINS will be in helping out and can talk to you about the Natural History of the Sierra Nevada forests.

4:30 – 6:30 Natural History Booth – REED NOSS, EVAN FRICKE, SARAH BOIS & POSY BUSBY will be refereeing the silent auction and talking Natural History’s role in conservation

*make sure to put your bids on our books – funds support next year’s student award!

Wedsnesday Aug. 11th

8:20am  Nat Hist Student award applicant COS 68-2Leif L. Richardson

12:30 – 2:30pm Natural History Booth – KIRSTEN HILL (Secretary elect) will be fielding questions about spiders

2:30 – 6:30pm Natural History Booth – EVAN FRICKE will be contemplating plant and animal interactions in a forests without birds.

4:30-6:30pm Natural History Booth – MIKE SINGER, POSY BUSBY & KIRSTEN HILL will be at the booth, talking natural history of microbes, plants and insects.

6:30 – 8:30 NATURAL HISTORY MIXER –  Baker Room at the Sheraton Hotel


Thursday Aug 13th

8:40  Nat Hist Student award applicant  COS 104-3 Isaac Lichter Marck

9:50  Nat Hist Student award applicant  COS 92-6 Mariana Abarca

10:40  Nat Hist Student award applicant  COS 105-9 Matthew A. Whalen

2:30  Nat Hist Student award applicant   pm COS 120-4 Brian S. Cheng

4:30pm – 6:30pm  – Natural History Booth – DAN EVANS & POSY BUSBY will be discussing Natural History’s roll in policy

Friday Aug. 14th

8:30am – 10:30am POSTER SESSION  Nat Hist Student award applicant  PS 84-236 Sinlan Poo

8:30am – 10:30am  POSTER SESSION Nat Hist Student award applicant  PS 62-42 Jeremy Feinberg




Julian D. Olden Traits-based approaches and the quest for generality over contingency in ecology
Terry A. Wheeler The other “E”: Entomologists and entomology in (and out) of the Ecological Society of America
Kimball L. Garrett Recent avifaunal change in riparian habitats along the Los Angeles River
NASH TURLEY Natural History Section
Shahid Naeem Condensation and ignition in ecological research: Making sense of biodiversity’s demise
Cory Merow Methods for predicting and validating range-wide population dynamics from sparse demographic data
Fiona M. Soper Coupling graduate mentorship training with undergraduate research in a field context
Emily M. Harris Participating in the California Naturalist Program: Changes in science and environmental identity
Teresa K. Heisey Sand County Almanac in the ecology classroom: An active learning approach to teaching about ecology and natural history
Leighton Reid Conservation psychology: Bat killing in southern Costa Rica
Kristen R. Treat Variation of Pentaclethra macroloba natural history and genetic structure along an elevational gradient in lowland Costa Rica
Flavia M. D. Marquitti The role of cheaters on the stability of mutualistic networks
Melissa Gaste Martinez Bothrops atrox in captivity, change isotopic composition in tissues collected from different environments of the eastern Amazon
D. Liane Cochran-Stafira Effects of Metriocnemus knabi predation on Habrotrocha rosa populations in Sarracenia purpurea pitchers
Emily Hartop Terrestrial insects of los angeles: The great frontier
Danielle B. Pitt Linking early history of Pterygota to habitat structure: The role of dendritic ecological networks in insect natural history
Carole L. Hom UC Davis-Howard University EEGAP: Collaborating to broaden participation in ecology and evolution
Senay Yitbarek The role of self-organized spatial patterns in the persistence of weak invasive species: A case study of the invasive ant W. auropunctata