Letter from the Natural History Section Officers

Happy New Year ESA Natural History Section Members!

I am pleased to announce that we have launched our Natural History Section Website.  It is set up as a blog, so others can post relevant updates, events and advertisements.  Please check it out and give us some feedback!

We are also excited to report that last years’ book auction was a smashing success!  For this upcoming ESA 2013 Minneapolis meeting, we will do a similar auction and more!  The auction will be expanded to include natural history items that members want to donate.  And because of our members’ deep pockets and intense interest in natural history books, we are able to offer our first Natural History Student Award!  Please see more on this on the awards page of our website.

We are hoping the ESA 2013 annual meeting will be a repeat of growth and excitement for our section.  We will have a Natural History Section booth again.  This took some volunteer time by members (thank you), but it was a valuable recruitment tool and well worth the effort.  This year at the booth we will display auction items, news, events and opportunities that are relevant to Natural History, as well as a brief biography and overview of the research of the Natural History Student awardee. Make sure to find us if you have news or opportunities you would like to post them.  And please consider volunteering for an hour or two at the booth.

Of course there will be an annual Natural History Section mixer (date and location to be announced), so stay tuned!

Check back with us and feel free to contact us if you would like to post something.

All the Best,

Kirsten Rowell, Chair

Terry Wheeler, Co-Chair

Karen Reagan, Secretary


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